dnp Supernova XL (up to 230")
  • dnp Supernova XL (up to 230")

dnp Supernova XL (up to 230")


The dnp Supernova XL is the world’s largest optical front projection screen available as a tensioned screen solution. The large viewing area is made from two lanes of screen material with a very thin joint-line, which is virtually invisible with typical content and from normal viewing distance. Impressive and affordable, the dnp Supernova XL is ideal for large venues such as big conference rooms, auditoriums and houses of worship.

  • Image size up to 230” in 16:9
  • Award-winning screen technology
  • Easy to install
  • Disassembled frame solution for lean shipping and easy handling
  • Virtually seamless viewing. Joint-line of only 0.3mm [300 micron]
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The dnp Supernova XL features true optical ALR lens technology for crisp high-contrast images without dimming the lights or pulling curtains. The extra large image area is obtained by joining together two sheets of optical film. The viewing area appears virtually seamless in use.

The screen is ingeniously designed to maintain a geometrically flat and uniform image. A specially designed framing system keeps the optical screen material tensioned, while vertical and corner reinforcement bars prevent frame sagging and twisting.

dnp Supernova XL is designed to roll for lean transport and easier on-site handling. It can easily be assembled by two people in approximately 75 minutes, depending on skill level and screen size.

The screen is supplied as standard with an 80mm wide black frame. Frame options include 4 different colours.

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